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Who Are We and What Do We Offer

Meet the Band:

There are four members of the band including Michele Aasgard (Keyboards/Vocals), Alan Boechler (Drums/Vocals), Stephane Drisdelle (Guitar/Vocals) and Jordan Gervais (Bass/Vocals). Together they share a love for music, stage chemistry that supports a fun and entertaining show and have decades of experience performing, recording, and teaching music. 


My Dog Sam goes beyond having a single “style” and is known for their versatility and flexibility when it comes to musical genres. Genres covered includes: New Age Rock, Classic Rock, Blues, Country, Swing, Polka, Folk, Reggae, 50's, 60's, 70's and the like. My Dog Sam is  available to play almost any function, including: Festivals, Conventions, Trade Shows, Concerts, Weddings, Pubs, Clubs and any other environment with an audience looking for energetic entertainment. Depending on the audience, My Dog Sam is able to play entire shows dedicated to one or more genres, or a blend of all the genres.


My Dog Sam guarantees a professional performance with positive party energy. My Dog Sam interacts with the audience by interacting with them directly and playing cover songs that are both uplifting and likely to bring back good memories, regardless of their age or musical preference. 

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